Coral Bay Research Station

DSC_0717Our research station in Coral Bay has been operational since 2004. The building, which was donated by the Brogan family, includes laboratory and office facilities and accommodation for up to 8 persons.

There are three boats and a 4WD vehicle available for researchers to use, and a recently donated glass-bottomed boat is currently being converted into a floating laboratory. Dive equipment and microscopes are also available for use by researchers.

For more information on the Coral Bay Research Station, please contact the Director, Mike van Keulen (

Project Manta WA

We are delighted that Austral Fisheries and the TG Kailis Marine Conservation Fund have teamed up with Murdoch University researchers and the University of Queensland, Earthwatch and Ningaloo Marine Interactions to begin the most comprehensive study of Manta Rays to date. The Coral Bay Research Station is ideally located to be the base for this new program, as the locality of the largest known population of Manta Rays on the west coast of Australia occurs in Coral Bay.

For more information, visit the Project Manta website:

Further reading:
O’Shea, Owen (2013). The ecology and biology of stingrays (Dasyatidae) at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. PhD thesis, Murdoch University. (Supervisors: Mark Meekan, Mike van Keulen & Michelle Thums)

Venables, Stephanie (2013). Short-term behavioural responses of manta rays, Manta alfredi, to tourism interactions in Coral Bay, Western Australia. Honours thesis, Murdoch University. (Supervisors: Mike van Keulen, Lesley Brain & Frazer McGregor)


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